How Much is My Home Worth?

What’s the value of your home?

Many homeowners are curious about the value of their home.  As you may be aware, home values are constantly fluctuating.  There are a number of different factors that go into the value of your homes worth.  The year the home was built, the size of the plot, and the features of your home such as bedrooms, baths, heating, and cooling.

Simply fill out the information below and submit it.  I will calculate an estimate of how much your home is worth using a Conventional Mortgage Home Price Index application.  While the estimate may not be the actual or appraised value of your property, it can be a useful tool to gauge fluctuations and trends in your market which affect your homes value.

I can help with all of your home marketing decisions, including determining the best asking price for your home.  I know the particulars of your neighborhood, the value of homes, and can help you discover what your home may really be worth

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